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shipbuilding & ship repair

Shipbuilding & Ship Repair
The maritime industry has a rich and famous history in the region. Innovative SMEs oriented to specific niche markets in the area of shipping have emerged.

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steel & maritime constructions

Steel & Maritime Constructions
The maritime sector is important for the present and future economy of the South Baltic area. Its influence on the employment in the region is fundamentally.

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seaport, services & logistics

Seaport, Services & Logistics
The South Baltic Sea area is a gateway for transport between Scandinavia and continental Europe.

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fisheries sector

Fisheries Sector
The fisheries sector is a very traditional industry and embedded in the local economy of the South Baltic area.

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travel & tourism

Maritime and Coastal Tourism
The coastlines of the South Baltic countries offer beautiful destinations combined with perfect tourism services. International ferry connections ensure an easy accessibility between the different countries.

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science, research & education

Science, Research & Education
One objective of the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region is to foster R&D and business-related transnational collaboration to strengthen the industry-cluster and to increase the economic situation.

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health care & related services

Health Care & Related Services
Health care is a driver for a competitive and knowledge based sound economy in the South Baltic Region.

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The South Baltic Region is traditionally considered to be a favourite recreation centre for tourists from all over Europe. Well developed tourist networks and a wide range of wellness services are present all over the region.

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