Region Guldborgsund

Region Guldborgsund

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Guldborgsund Municipality has long time experiences with a migrating labour force: the municipality is in charge for people travelling to the municipality and for those who settle down in order to get a job. Also today, Guldborgsund Municipality has a significant group of workers coming, mainly from Germany, Poland and several other Eastern European countries. They have jobs in agriculture, in traditional industries as well as in the service sector.

Based on 2012-figures, half of the labour force in Guldborgsund Municipality is employed in the public sector. Denmark has a large public sector and one of the most decentralized ones in the world. About 1/3 of the workforce is employed in the private service sector, almost 10% are employed in the industry sector while the construction sector has 7 % of the employment. The construction sector will grow in the upcoming years due to the coming large infrastructure investments.

The primary sector, covering agriculture and forestry, is the biggest income sector in the region. In particular, Lolland-Falster is known for its sugar beet production. The fertile soil of the southernmost isles of Denmark has always provided food and wealth for the region. The main crops are barley, wheat and sugar beet. Despite the importance, the primary sector stands only for 5% of the labour force.

During the coming 5 – 10 years, a number of large infrastructure investments will take place in order to construct the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel (a new bridge between Lolland and Zealand), a Nykøbing bypass road and a new state prison. These investments will provide thousands of jobs during the construction phase and will leave the region with more jobs after the construction, because of the easier access to the Copenhagen area, Hamburg and Berlin.

Guldborgsund Municipality offers several attractive locations that can match the needs of all kind of businesses. For example, a new business park next to a transport and logistics centre at North Falster is being developed, located directly by the highway E47, exit 43 – close to harbour facilities and international railway connections.

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