Region Guldborgsund

Region Guldborgsund


Guldborgsund Municipality is a great place to live, study and work. We have a lot to offer to citizens and visitors, such as leisure activities, culture, a lovely nature and a beautiful coastline. The name of the municipality comes from the water “Guldborgsund” that runs between Lolland and Falster.

With its 20.000 inhabitants Nykøbing Falster is the biggest town in Guldborgsund Municipality and the centre for culture, retail shops, education and business; not to mention its role as a tourist destination. The city has many shopping opportunities, restaurants and a big cinema. It has a vigorous cultural life with several art galleries and many concerts and theatre performances featuring Danish and international artists. The old market town has something for the entire family, both young and old ones.

In addition to Nykøbing Falster there are three other medieval towns (Stubbekøbing, Sakskøbing and Nyted) in Guldborgsund Municipality. But there are also opportunities to live in villages or in rural areas.

It is possible to buy a house or an apartment and also to rent an apartment or a house. For this purpose you should contact a local real estate broker.