Region Kaliningrad

Region Kaliningrad

Public authorities/agencies

The current governor (since 2010) of Kaliningrad Oblast is Nikolay Tsukanov, who succeeded Georgy Boos. The election for the fifth term of the Kaliningrad Oblast Duma was held on 13 March 2011. The Kaliningrad Regional Duma is a permanent supreme legislative body of State power of the Kaliningrad Region, which is one of the subjects of the Russian Federation.

The Kaliningrad Regional Duma, side by side with the Governor - a head of the Kaliningrad Regional Government, the Regional Government, other bodies of the executive power and the Statutory court of the Kaliningrad Region, is part of the Regional state authorities based on the principles of legality, publicity, democracy and independency. The Kaliningrad Regional Duma, which is headed by a chairman exercises the legislative authority in the Kaliningrad Region.

The Administration of Kaliningrad Region headed by the Governor is the region's highest executive body.

The Administration of the City of Kaliningrad is the city's highest executive body.