Region Tricity

Region Tricity

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The unemployment rate in Poland is currently estimated at circa 13%. However, the situation is much more promising in the Tricity due to a relatively low unemployment rate of about 6%.

The reason for this outstanding performance is among others the close cooperation among the three biggest cities (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) and their smaller neighbouring towns in this region of Northern Poland. This opens up good opportunities for joint investments and synergies to boost potential growth.

Hence, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment (PAIiIZ) identifies the Tricity as one of the most attractive places for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) investments. In addition, the Tricity is believed to consist of a perfect environment to develop new companies in the field of ICT, biotechnology and environmental protection. Among these newcomers are OIE Support in Gdansk and WNS Holding in Gdynia. Together they have created recently around 900 jobs.

These information make clear that the service sector has become an important pillar of the economy of the Tricity and of the whole Pomeranian Region: Over 60% of the region’s inhabitants are employed in the service sector. And Over 65% of the region’s added value is derived from the service sector.

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