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Region Tricity

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Welcome to POMERANIAN Region

There are not many places in Poland like the Pomeranian Region. The capital – Gdansk – is a city with a thousand-year-old history: festivals are celebrated throughout the whole year such as the cradle of Solidarity. Sopot is famous as a modern health resort. And Gdynia is the dynamic economic centre of the region. Together they form a unique conurbation called the Tricity.

However, Pomeranian is not only the Tricity. Along the coast side are many fascinating places to discover. It offers not only beaches, the sea and the sun. It is also an area with diverse tourist, natural and cultural attractions.

An essential element of the cultural identity of the Pomeranian Region is the indigenous population of Kashubian, who remain faithful to their daily traditions and customs. It is this indigenous population, which constitutes the soul of the region. The Kashubian folk culture has not allowed itself to be locked away in museums - quite the contrary: the region is full of Kashubian embroidery, music, dance and pottery. Within the region there are two national parks, nine landscape parks and dozens of nature reserves. The most valuable of the protected sites in the region is the Slowinski National Park, one of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves, where you can see the only moving sand-dunes in Europe.

Apart from natural highlights, Pomeranian gives a chance to move into the medieval times and to travel along the route of Post-Teutonic castles; the greatest and best preserved Gothic strongholds of Europe. To experience the Route of Gothic castles is a real treat, not just for enthusiasts of mediaeval culture and chivalrous ages. Besides castles, you have the chance to drive on historical vehicles, you can experience knights’ tournaments, concerts, workshops and fairs. Pomeranian part of the Gothic Castles Route covers 6 sites: Malbork, Gniew, Bytów, Kwidzyn, Sztum and Czluchów.

Furthermore, next to numerous monuments, a wealthy present exists too: it is a dynamic and fresh destination where tradition meets modernity. Hence, many visitors pass by to enjoy several festivals, open air fairs, street performances, concerts or exhibitions, which take place regularly in this region.

Pomeranian Region is a perfect place to spend ones holidays. Whether it be for a long stay or just a short break during the weekend. High quality offer and competitive prices are a perfect combination for demanding clients. Modern restaurants, spas and wellness resorts, shopping centres combined with a good sense of hospitality and friendly people make the whole experience completed – a perfect place not only for a visit but also to live and work in.