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Region West Pomerania

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The region has always been associated with water and its main attractions are part of it. Nearly 50 seaside resorts (such as Miedzyzdroje, Swinoujscie, Rewal, Kolobrzeg, Mielno or Darlowo) are situated along the Baltic Sea coast and offer outstanding opportunities for tourist with various preferences. Ubiquitous green areas provide excellent conditions for walking and cycling. The region has a large number of castles, which were power centres of the Pomeranian dukes and bishops.

From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, religious buildings have been and remain dominant in the building structures of towns and villages. The oldest religious buildings come from the XII-XIII centuries. These include the Romanesque and early Gothic granite churches.

Among many cultural events, one particularly deserves to be mentioned. It is Slav and Viking Festival in Wolin. It is now one of the biggest early medieval re-enactment events in Europe, with about 1,500 people taking part, coming from 26 different countries in the World. There are various presentations of old crafts workshops, performances, medieval music concerts, regattas and reconstructions of old boats and ceremonies. The highlight of the festival is the presentation of a battle with 400 warriors.